Chocolate coated raspberries


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Australian Made

Made by Australia's very best chocolate makers using premium grade chocolate our selection of chocolate coated raspberry jellies are one of our top-selling chocolate products. Our NEW Chocolate Indulgence Raspberry Riots are now also available. These Award Winning chocolates were the originals and are definately "The BEST" Buy them at the same price as our regular chocolate raspberry jellies for a short time only.

Chocolate coated raspberries

Available in Milk, Dark or White chocolate they really melt in your mouth. 

Now supplied in several sized bags. One of our On-Line competitors sells 100 Gm packs of Chocolate Covered Raspberry Jellies for $9.78 per pack. This is equivalent to $97.80 per Kg. (Our price is $28.25 per Kg or $2.83 for 100 Gm)

Buy some today! You won't regret it. 

Made with Premium Chocolate & Cadbury Raspberry Jellies.

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Try our Australian made Chocolate products - You won't be disappointed.