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Real Strawberries coated in Milk Chocolate 1 Kg

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Real Freeze Dried Strawberries coated with Thick Rich Premium Milk Chocolate 1 Kg BIG Bag:

Real Whole Strawberries are grown on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula Freeze Dried & Coated with High-Quality Chocolate by one of Australia's Best Chocolate confectionery manufacturers. You really have to taste them to believe how mouthwatering & delicious they are. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth then bite into the REAL STRAWBERRIES (not strawberry flavouring) Treat your guests to a real taste sensation! These are Really Delicious! Custom labelling available. (conditions apply) Ask us for a free quote. REAL Freeze-Dried Australian Strawberries thickly coated with Premium quality Cadbury Chocolate. Pure decadence! Because Strawberries are a natural product their size may vary however there are approximately 50 to 60 Chocolate coated Strawberries per Kg.

Don't pay the equivalent of $75.00 per Kg buy buying them in small packs. SAVE NOW by buying the BIG 1 Kg Bag. You will LOVE them!

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