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Lifesavers Box of 24 x 34 Gm Rolls

Life Savers 24 x 34 Gm Rolls:

Select the flavour of these old-time favourites. Supplied in a box of 24 x 34 Gm rolls. (Fruit Tingles are in a box of 36 x 34 Gm Rolls & priced accordingly) Just like you remember them.

Select from:

  • Fruit Tingles
  • Fruit Pastilles
  • Musk
  • Blackcurrant Pastilles

Australian made Lifesavers and Fruit Tingles are now made by Darrell Lea.

  • Lifesavers (1930)Melbourne-based confectioners MacRobertson’s began to manufacture distribute Life-Savers in the 1930s. Owing to the 44-hour working week being in vogue in the confectionery trade in New South Wales, it was decided to transfer the Life-Savers' factory to Melbourne, to adjoin the establishment at Fitzroy, where the 48-hour week is in operation. Please see our blog "A short history of Australian Lollies"

About 20 million packs of Life Savers were sold in Australia every year. Buy some today.

PepOmint - Now Discontinued

Please Select flavour from the drop-down menu below when ordering:

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