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Aussie made Christmas Tree Lollipops Pack of 3 Lollipops

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Christmas Tree Lollipops Red, Green & White (Pack of 3)

Australian made Gourmet Lollipops made by Australia's best rock candy maker.

Fabulous 50g Tree Lollipops look great for any function or dining table.

Our Tree Lollipops are handcrafted in red, green & white swirled gourmet rock candy and are apple flavoured - delicious and they certainly look festive! They come individually wrapped on 20cm wooden sticks.

Pack of 5 Tree Lollipops. Order some today!


Our Gourmet Rock is hand-made in Australia using high-quality Australian ingredients & flavours to ensure a quality product and fantastic taste as well as great appearance. Gourmet Rock is made withsugar, water, glucose, food acid (330), flavours, and colours. (102, 110, 122, 123, 133,155 & 171)

Gourmet Rock is nut-free, gelatin free, dairy-free, soy-free, and fat-free. It may contain traces of beeswax.

All of our Confectionery products are stored in cool dry conditions and leave our premises in excellent condition and appropriately packed.