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Blue & White Gourmet 5 cm LolliPops (Box of 25)

Blue & White Gourmet LollyPops 50 Gm (Pack of 25)

Blue & White Gourmet Lollipops Handcrafted in Australia. These Gourmet Lollipops are approximately 5.5cm diameter & 1cm thick mounted on a stick. Custom made to order. Minimum 25 lollipops. These delicious lollipops can be made in any flavour and would be great for all occasions. Any of our Gourmet Lollipops can be made in custom colours. You choose the colours and flavour. Click here for more details.

"Pre-Order" product. Not always kept in stock but ordered in as required. Please allow an extra 5-7 days to get these in for your order.