Ever wanted to own a lolly shop?

Goody Goody Gumdrops Pty Ltd has successfully ran a family owned and operated Online Lolly Shop for 10 Years in Australia. We can now help you realise your dreams and start your own Confectionery Store in your neighbourhood for minimal costs. No Franchise fees. No Contracts. Rent a local shop or sell at markets or on-line. We will help you all the way! Want help with design or a logo for your business? We can help. Need a website? We can help. 

We also have a well established eCommerce website & domain name with excellent Google rankings for sale email for further information.

With our help you will have a selection of lollies & chocolates to kick-start your new business. We can help with stock, suppliers & advise on setting up your store, packaging, marketing and lots more. No Franchise fees. Just ask for our help and buy your initial stock from us or subscribe to our Consultation package. We have several stock packages available with suggested products from our best selling range at special start-up prices. We also offer our exclusive Lolly Shop Consultation where you are able to buy your stock from Australia's very best Lolly wholesalers. With a relatively low investment we will see you on your way to success in your own candy business. Your own Lolly Shop.

  • Start your own Lolly Shop Consultation Package: For a one-time only fee of $795.00 including GST you will receive our help and advice for a full 6 weeks to get you going. We will put you in contact to Australia's best wholesale confectionery suppliers who will help you get started with stock. You will be able to buy direct from these wholesalers. Suppliers who we have dealt with for many years and who will be able to supply your new Lolly Shop with high quality products that are known good sellers without having to buy pallet loads of stock. We will let you know the best products to stock for your situation and location and advise on marketing and a whole lot more. We will also advise on packaging, freight, labelling and advise and help you set-up an On-Line eCommerce website, etc if that's the way you want to go. No Franchise fees. No Contracts. Click here for more details.
  • Start-up Stock packages: If you prfer to buy stock from Goody Goody Gumdrops: These stock packages are a great way to stock your own lolly shop with our help at very special prices.

Start with as little as $1580.00 of confectionery from our extensive range. Choose one of our especially selected packages or, if you prefer, choose your own products from our range at very special prices.

Low start up package consisting of:

  • 72 Kg Mini Jelly Beans (8 Kg each of 8 colours + Assorted)
  • 35 Kg Cadbury Jellies (7 different types)
  • 10 Kg Premium quality Chocolate coated Coffee Beans (Milk, Dark & White Chocolate)
  • 4 Kg Chocolate coated Raspberry Jellies (Milk & Dark Chocolate)
  • 6 Kg Choc Buds (Milk, White & Choc Freckles)
  • 20 Kg Country Rock Boiled Lollies (6 different types)
  • All 147 Kg of fresh confectionery for $1580.00 including GST+ our expert advice FREE.

Many other stock packages are available to suit your needs and your location. Some lollies are popular in one location and not in another. Want to choose your own stock? No problems - we will arrange a special price for each product in our range to help you out.

When you buy one of our Lolly Shop Start-up Packages as well as a great selection of confectionery products to help set-up your own small business but you also get our help with:

  • Packaging supplies (bags, jars, etc)
  • Weighing scales
  • Bag Sealers
  • Ingredients labelling
  • Merchandising 

  • and lots more

Let us get you started and you can take it from there if you wish or continue on with help from Goody Goody Gum Drops to make it a really profitable business and a great lifestyle..

Want to set up your own On Line Lolly Shop as well? We can help with our expertise, product selection, products, packaging, marketing, your own eCommerce shopping cart website & your own domain name. (we can set this all up for you including the website, design, payment options & freight options. Ask us for a quote.)

Checkout our Starter Stock Pack A. Click here.

Please contact us at or phone 0414 231 212 for more information.