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December 22, 2021 1 min read

Author: J D Goldsmith Date Posted:22 December 2021

Try some Cadbury Jubes Today!

In their infinite wisdom, Allen's Lollies discontinued Marella Jubes in 2018 These were one of their most popular products and were probably discontinued as a marketing ploy, but who knows? On the 26th of September 2018 Alison Bevage of the Daily Mail Australia wrote "Allen's has dumped the sugar-dusted Marella Jubes gum drops from its range causing devastation in lolly fancying corners of social media"

Food giant Nestlé, which owns Allen's, has stopped selling the fruity-flavoured delight because a fickle public turned away from the jubes said an Allen's Lollies spokesman.

The article also said "Dismay erupted over social media as Marella Jubes fans became aware that they would never again taste their favourite treat."

"I loved them - been searching every where for them,' wrote one social media user." Search no more - Try Cadbury Jubes.

Cadbury Jubes are similar sugar coated jubes to Marella and well worth your while to try them. Why not try a bag or two today?

These are currently available at a special price at https://www.goodygoodygumdrops.com.au/products/sugar-coated-jubes-1-kg

I think that you will like them. If you want a softer jube, try Cadbury Fruit Jellies. https://www.goodygoodygumdrops.com.au/products/cadbury-fruit-jellies-1-kg

Cadbury Jubes - Goody Goody Gum Drops

Cadbury Fruit Jellies

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