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Try some of our exciting range of Bulk Chocolate products soon! Many made by one of Australia's best chocolate makers using premium Milk, Dark or White Chocolate. All of our Chocolate products are AUSTRALIAN MADE.

Chocolate products at all price ranges for everybody. Our chocolate range includes our extensive selection of single-coloured choc buttons and choc balls. Both Australian made they are really tasty and much better than similar imported products and at a much cheaper price.

From the popular Choc Buds which are available in milk or white chocolate as well as caramel to our famous real strawberries thickly coated in premium quality Cadbury chocolate there will be a product that you will love. Try some soon.

Our chocolate bullets are among the very best in Australia and made with quality Milk, Dark & White chocolate and available with liquorice or raspberry liquorice. Taste the difference! Our Premium range of bulk chocolate products (priced at $28.00 & over per Kg) are made by one of Australia's best chocolate makers using premium Chocolate.

We feel that we have the best selection of Australian made bulk chocolates of any Australian online lolly shops. Please check out our product range.

We recommend that you order Chocolate products in the cooler months. Chocolates may "Bloom" (get white spots) in extreme temperatures during transit. We do NOT recommend buying premium quality chocolates during extremely hot weather as they may be heat damaged during transit, especially if travelling long distances.