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How to store confectionery.

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How to Store Confectionery

  • Always store Chocolates & Confectionery in a cool dry place (less than 24 degrees to ensure freshness) away from direct Sunlight. (A cupboard is ideal)
  • Rock Candy may become sticky or melt if exposed to sunlight or heat. It may also be affected by moisture in the air. (Humidity) If this happens, simply lay the pack on a table and gently press down on it with your hand or, if in a jar, shake the container. This should release them.
  • Do NOT store in the refrigerator.
  • Ensure that confectionery is kept airtight or in its original packaging. Humidity, heat or sunlight may make Boiled Lollies sticky.
  • Do not leave confectionery in cars as the temperature may be too hot.
  • If you are repackaging confectionery, do so in small amounts in a cool, dry area.
  • Chocolates are affected by changes in temperature & humidity. They may develop white marks on the chocolate surface but this does not affect the taste of the chocolate and is quite safe to eat, as long as the product has not exceeded the “Best By” date.
  • Always wear latex or cotton gloves when repackaging any confectionery. Moisture from your hands may cause Boiled Lollies to become sticky.
  • If you intend to repack the confectionery for a special occasion, like a wedding, a party or a Christening, etc. please do not do so until just before the special occasion.
  • If packaging into organza or other cloth bags boiled lollies should be put into plastic or cellophane bags first to avoid sticking.
  • Avoid opening any jars or packs of confectionery until they are ready to be consumed.
  • Avoid opening any jars or packs of our confectionery because they taste so good they will be consumed.
  • We recommend that you order Chocolate products, Gummi Bears or Boiled Lollies only in the cooler months.
    All boiled lollies can be
    affected by humidity and may stick together during the warmer months particularly
    if in jars. Chocolates may "Bloom" (get white spots) and Gummi Bears may melt in extreme temperatures.

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