Chocolate coated coffee beans

Goody Goody Gumdrops Chocolate Coffee Beans


Please note that chocolate can be a very temperamental product that is prone to melting at even the slightest temperature rise. It is at the customers discretion when deciding to ship during extreme hot weather months and to locations where the heat may affect the product. This is out of our control.



Ideal for coffee shops to sell to their customers or to just enjoy at home our chocolate coated expresso beans are coated in Cadbury chocolate and available in Milk, Dark or White Chocolate. 

Available in small clear bags and small glass jars as well as bulk packs our chocolate covered Coffee Beans will really hit the spot.

If you run a coffee shop or similar we can package our Chocolate coated Coffee Beans in small clear bags or glass jars with custom labels for your business. (Minimum quantities apply for custom printed labels but you can add your own label with no mimimum order) Please contact us for a quote.    

chocolate-coffee-beansFabulous way to increase sales in your Coffee Shop or Cafe - sell a small bag or a glass jar containing Chocolate coated Coffee Beans as an add-on to your existing customers. 

Our Premium quality Chocolate coated Coffee Beans taste terrific and, branded with your logo (Minimum Quantities & Conditions apply) they will become part of your brand. 

Please contact us for more details and advice on other products that will go great in your business.

Our chocolate coated coffee beans are made thickly coating Cadbury Chocolate (NOT compound chocolate like some of the others) over Peaberry Coffee Beans. Their shape is more rounder than other varieties. and they are less bitter so much more suitable to eating. 

Without doubt these are Australia's favourite chocolate coated coffee beans made by one of Australia's best chocolate makers using Cadbury chocolate. Their price is also the Best in Australia for quality chocolate coated coffee beans.

If you are using Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans as bonboniere a 5 cm x 5 cm box would hold about 80 Gm of coffee beans.

We have changed our supplier of chocolate coated coffee beans and our current stock is different that previously supplied.

Our latest product review: My order arrived today, and as a family we compared it to some dark chocolate coffee beans we recently bought from a local store at twice the price of yours (with postage included) – ie we paid around $8 per 100g for the local product. (equivalent to $80.00 per Kg) We had a few of the original produce left, and did a comparison - the consensus is that your product is clearly the winner.

Dark Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 1kg
18% OFF RRP $38.00
Milk Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 1Kg Pack
18% OFF RRP $38.00
Milk Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 250 GmPack
12% OFF RRP $10.00
Dark Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 250 GmPack
12% OFF RRP $10.00
Dark Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 500Gm
18% OFF RRP $20.90
Milk Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 500Gm
18% OFF RRP $20.90