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Allen's Party Mix 1.3 kg Bulk Pack

Allen's Party Mix Jellies 1.3 Kg BULK Pack

Buy a big bag of Allen's Party Mix 1.3 kg Bulk Pack today and share the some of the most popular Allen's Party Lollies even some that you can't buy separately like milk bottles, peaches & cream and black cats. Lollies in the mix can vary depending on what Nestle decide to add to the mix.

Allen's Party Mix. will create smiles for the whole family when you open a bag ofAllen's Party Mix. It's the perfectmix, with a favourite for everyone:Party Mix can usually contain Allen's bananas, peaches & cream, milk bottles, strawberries & cream, black cats, red frogs, jelly babies and snakes although this can sometimes vary.

Everyone LOVES Allen's Lollies. Allen's Party Mix 1.3 kg Bulk Pack are Proudly Australian made.

Full of Allen's flavour just like you remember them. Also available in 1 Kg bags.

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