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Allen's Minties 1Kg BULK Pack

Allen's Minties 1Kg BULK Pack.

Individually wrapped Minties are the chewy white mint squares that everybody enjoys. Ideal for all occasions. Nestle, manufacturers of Minties tells us that Allen's Minties 1Kg BULK Pack are Gluten Free. SPECIAL PRICE TODAY!

Minties (1922) were invented in 1922 by James Noble Stedman (1860–1944), son of Stedman-Henderson Sweets company founder (and Australia's first confectioner) James Stedman (1840–1913). Minties were patented in 1926,and were manufactured at the Sweetacres factory at Rosebery, Sydey and distributed by Nestlé from around 1930. The company spent over £200,000 on its 16-acre Rosebery complex. The 12-acre factory on the site,... Please see our blog "A short history of Australian confectionery"

Allen's Minties 1Kg BULK Pack are Australia's best and favourite chewy mint.

Everybody's favourite mint.

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