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YELLOW Candy Buffet Package for 25 Guests at $4.80 each

YELLOW Candy Buffet Lollies for 25 Guests at $4.80 each

At a very low cost of just $4.80 per guest this may well be the least expensive part of your event or celebration. Even though the cost is low the quality of the candy will provide a function that your guests will remember long after it has finished. - A great selection of yellow lollies for your lolly table at an unbelievable price! Each of your 25 guests will be able to consume 280 Gm of selected lollies from your candy buffet table. This is more than enough for most people. (40 Guests - 175 Gm each) If you think that your guests would like more than this or if you are expecting more than 25 guests simply order two or more packages or add a few more products from our website to your shopping cart. Jars are not supplied but can usually be purchased from stores like The Reject Shop, K-Mart or Target.

The Yellow Candy Buffet Package will consist of approx 7 Kg specially selected yellow candy like:

  • Yellow Mini Jelly Beans
  • Honey Bears
  • Yellow Fruity Drops
  • Yellow Musk Sticks
  • Yellow Fizzoes
  • Sherbet Lemons
  • Caramel Choc Buds

Because of occasional stock shortages, we cannot guarantee these exact lollies but the package will contain a selection of yellow lollies to this approximate value. Please let us know if you don't want any substitutes. If we are out of stock of any components they will be replaced by a similar coloured product of equal or higher value. You can add other products simply by going to our YELLOW Lollies pages. Add some Yellow & White Gourmet Lollipops or choose from lots of other yellow lollies on our website. You may even like to add some white lollies to the yellow. To add some Gourmet Rock including Mango Smile Rock to your package - please click here. Other Candy Buffet single colour packages are available. For a TOTAL COST of $4.80 for each of your 25 guests, this has got to be a BARGAIN!

Pre-Order product. Please allow an extra few days for us to get this in fresh for your order.