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Allen's Jaffas 1Kg

Allen's Jaffas 1Kg Bulk Bag:

Genuine Allen's Jaffas 1Kg Milk Chocolate balls coated with candy. Suck them, chew them, roll them down the aisles. These are the real thing. Buy some today in our 1Kg bulk packs. SPECIAL PRICE TODAY!

    • Jaffas(1931)Jaffas, the chocolate-coated orange balls that were rolled down the ailses at a Saturday movie matinee were first made in 1931 by James Stedman-Henderson's Sweets Ltd in Sydney. They were named by artist Len Gapp after a town in Palestine where oranges were grown for export, and the orange flavour was the work of Sweetacres food chemist Tom Colston Coggan, who formulated several different syrups before landing on the Jaffa coating whose taste has long defied replication by rivals. Jaffas are now made in Australiaby Allen's lollies, a division of Nestlé.
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Really traditional Australian Chocolates. Allen's Jaffas 1Kg are red candy-coated chocolate balls for all to enjoy. Taste the orange jaffa flavour and be taken back in time.

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