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Chocolate covered Coffee Beans in 100 x Tall Flint Glass Jars

Chocolate covered Coffee Beans in Tall Flint Glass Jars x 100 Jars:

With or without you own custom printed label. Ideal for coffee shops, cafes, gift shops or as a promotion for your business. Milk or Dark Chocolate.

100 x jars of Chocolate coated coffee beans made by one of Australia's best chocolate makers using premium Cadbury Milk, Dark or White Chocolate and packed into a tall flint glass jar with a screw-on lid. Jar is aprox. 155 mm x 45 mm diameter. Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate (about 80 Gm per Jar) or White Chocolate (about 75 Gm per Jar) Bulk packs of 10 also available. Great value - An excellent promotional tool for your business. Other jars, Small bags, 1 Kg bags & 8 Kg Bulk Boxes of Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans are also available.

Custom printed labels (if required at an additional cost) are digitally printed in full colour from your art work. You could also add your own labels to the jar if you prefer.

If you run an online eCommerce business, put a jar of chocolate coated coffee beans in with your customer's parcel and watch the customer return for more. A highly effective promotional product that everyone will love and will help create repeat business at a very low cost.

Milk chocolate slightly more expensive.