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Allen's Retro Party Mix 1Kg

Allen's Retro Party Mix 1Kg.

A fantastic selection of all of your favourite Allen's Lollies from years gone by. Allen's Retro Party Mix 1Kg are great for all ages. 99% FAT-FREE SPECIAL PRICE TODAY!

Allen's Retro Party Mix combines the perfect mix with a popular favourite for everyone. Join in the fun with funny teeth, tangy pineapples, green racing cars, juicy strawberries and cream, creamy milk bottles, chewy raspberries, luscious lips, honey bears, cool cola bottles and lots more. The mix can vary as we are dependant on what lollies Allen's put in the mix which can vary.

Everyone loves Allen's Lollies especially Allen's Retro Party Mix 1Kg. Regular Allen's Party Mix is also available in 1 Kg and 1.3 Kg bags as well as small promotional bags with or without your own branding.