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Baby Bottle Jelly Beans

Baby Bottle Jelly Beans:

A BIG Baby Bottle container with 20 x small baby bottles each containing 40 Gm of mini jelly beans. The small mini bottles have a mixture of Blue, Pink & Yellow tops. (NOT individual colours as shown in the image) The Big Bottle has a slot in the top so it can be used as a money box later. Baby bottle teat type caps are in assorted colours including blue, pink, green, orange & yellow. Individual colours are not available. Ideal for parties, hen's nights & baby showers.

Limited stocks. Colour of bottle top supplied depends on availability - We can't always supply blue, pink or other specific coloured tops but if you prefer a specific colour please let us know and we will try to get your prefered colour however you may have to wait for us to get the colour in for your order.