Boiled Lollies in Jars (21 x 180 Gm Jars)

Old Fashioned Boiled Lollies in Jars (21 x 180 Gm Jars)

Made on retro-fitted vintage machines just like they were in the olden days. You will taste the old fashioned flavours that you remember from your childhood.

These glass jars are filled with delicious Australian made Boiled Lollies full of flavour just like you remember them.

Jars are not labelled so you can add your own logo brand on the front. The jars are approx 100mm tall and 80mm wide with a screw-on metal lid. Supplied in a pack of 21 x 180 Gm Glass Jars.(Images shown are labelled but plain jars will be supplied)

Ideal for shops in tourist areas. Buy some today. Box of 21 x 180 Gm Glass Jars.