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Chocolate covered Coffee Beans (10 Small Jars)

Chocolate covered Coffee Beans Small Jars:

Ideal for cafes and coffee shops.

Made by one of Australia's very best chocolate makers with Cadbury premium Quality Chocolate and packed into small square glass jars. Minimum order of 10 jars. Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate (30 Gm per Jar) or White Chocolate (25 Gm per Jar) If you own a coffee shop these can make a great additional sale. If you order 100 or more jars you can have your own custom label at an additional cost. (conditions apply) Price is for 10 small Glass Jars of Chocolate coated Real Coffee Beans.

Small hexagonal glass jars are approximately 45 mm square x 55 mm high. Milk chocolate slightly more expensive.

Because of shortages, square glass jars may be supplied instead of hexagonal glass jars at the moment.