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Gourmet Bon Petite Pink Musk 1 Kg

Gourmet Bon Petite - Pink & White Musk 1 Kg:- NEW

Gourmet Bon Petite Cushion Rock Candy in a great Pink & white colour. Ideal for pink candy buffets and parties for little girls and not so little girls. They all will love them! Buy some today. Australian Made by the makers of our Gourmet Rock. Australia's best quality Tiny Tots. Not cheap but worth every cent.

As Gourmet Rock is hand-made the product may vary in appearance from the image with each batch made. Our current stock is light pink, hot pink & white but this can vary.

"Pre-Order" product. Not always kept in stock but ordered in as required. Please allow an extra 5-7 days to get these in for your order.

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