Promotional Lollies for your business

Sweet Promotions for your business

We can package any of our products into small clear bags with or without your branding to give you a fantastic promotional tool for your business at a very low cost.

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Any of our products can be packaged into small bags or glass jars for cost effective promotions for your business or your next Special Event - either branded or plain. Please contact us for more details or email

From Goody Gum Drops single coloured mini jelly beans to custom made designer lollipops in your corporate colours our range of confectionery is amongst the very best quality in Australia. Reasonable  prices and a huge selection make it just right for your business.

We specialise in small runs, unlike some of our competitors who want you to buy huge quantities at a time, and we DO NOT charge a "set-up" fee like all the others. Also, our prices always include GST (unlike most others) so there are no hidden costs or surprises. We can also do very large runs if that's what you want.

Custom printed branding labels are available for all packs at an additional cost. Please click here for details. (minimum label order is only 100)

Goody Goody Gum Drops can package most of our confectionery products into small clear bags or jars. This make a fantastic business opportunity to promote your company at a low cost without the minimum order quantities that most other suppliers have. We can supply as little as 10 jars or 100 small bags. Even less than that if that's all you want. (Minimum orders of 100 for custom printed labels but we can supply smaller quantities if you want to put your own label on the product.

Promotional lolly bags

Chocolate coated coffee beans 

 If you run a coffee shop or cafe - our chocolate coated coffee beans or chocolate coated Raspberry jellies in small bags  will make great additional products for your shop. Just watch them walk out the door and entice the customers back for  more.

 Contact us for more information.

Specially packaged promotional bags or jars can take 7 to 14 days to package depending on stocks, work load and.if printed labels are required. Please let us know if your order is urgent at the time of ordering and we will do our best to meet your timeline.

Custom printed labels available - make your promotional lollies really look professional and you will have one of the most cost effective promotional tools for any business.

Goody Goody Gum Drops SWEET PROMOTIONS will work with you to make your promotional lollies something special.

We don't have fixed quantities like all the others if you want 51 bags or 23 bags we can do that for you. We are here to help your business.

Custom packaged lollies for your business promotion.

Buy Now Pay Later


If you want quantities of 3000 bags or over please contact us for some very special prices. 

Sweet Promotions are happy to help suggest promotional campaigns for your business.

If you have an online business putting a small bag of jelly beans, either assorted or in your company's colours will give your customers that little extra that they will remember next time they want to place an online order. This is a very low cost way of getting your customers to remember you. If you ever ordered someting and there was a free gift inside the parcel when it arrived diddn't you feel good?

Remember, it costs a lot to gain a new customer but not much to retain their custom if you use Sweet Promotions.

Please click here to download our special Promotional products catalogue showing some of our huge range of other promotional products available to you at great prices. Our prices are usually much cheaper than shown on this catalogue. Just ask us for a quote.

Goody Goody Jelly Beans in Presentation Jar 90Gm (10 Units)
14% OFF RRP $35.00
*Dark Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 1kg

*Dark Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 1kg

Now $24.00

On Sale 40% OFF RRP $39.90
Assorted Rainbow Drops 1 Kg

Assorted Rainbow Drops 1 Kg


5% OFF RRP $18.95
Milk Chocolate coated Coffee Beans 250 GmPack
21% OFF RRP $12.00
10,000 x 100 Gm Bags Cadbury Party Mix
31% OFF RRP $15,300.00
100 x 60 Gm Yellow & White Mini Jelly Beans in Promo Bags (100 Clear Bags)
20% OFF RRP $125.00
100 x M&M Promo Bags for your business (60 Gm Bags)
10% OFF RRP $205.00