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Choc Mint Crunch

Choc Mint Crunch FAT-FREE:  

Australian-made Country Rock. A really tasty boiled lolly with a chocolate centre. Suck them and bite into the great chocolate centre. LIMITED STOCKS. These old-time favourites are made in Australia with Sugar, Glucose, Citic Acid, Flavours, Colours (102, 110, 123, 129 & 133) May contain traces of nuts. Will contain a great taste to treat your taste buds and remind you of times gone by.

Choc Mint Crunch Green & White choc-filled boiled lollies from our Country Rock range are one of our most popular products with many Australian families enjoying their minty taste and the touch of chocolate inside them.

Buy some today and re-live your childhood. Traditional Australian-made boiled lollies.

Our supplier has increased the price of this product dramatically, Regrettably, we have had to pass this increase on. Please check out Choc Mint Crunch Pillows below.

Choc Mint Crunch Pillows are now available. Click HERE.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kathy Smith
Choc mint crunch

I am very happy with the product & the service

Andrea Davis
I love a good lolly

When we moved to Darwin from Exmouth in WA I could not buy my favourite lolly CHOC MINT CRUNCH until I found Goody Goody Gum Drops. So now every couple of weeks I place an order with your company and before I know it my order is here. Now I am happy I can have a container in my vehicle, kitchen and patio and everywhere in between. I can suck CHOC MINT CRUNCH whenever I want.
How do I get coupons to use?

Love them.

Our one delicious treat each day.

Melissa Lowry
Great service & Price

Fantastic thank you

jane wilkes
Yum, perfect choc mint combo

Yum, perfect choc mint combo